Colorado Fly Fishing Guides is excited to announce its involvement with Tenkara and the TenkaraUSA product line.

Tenkara fishing gearModern day Tenkara is based on ancient Japanese methods of fly fishing that involve the use of just rod, fly and line. Over 300 years ago commercial anglers developed these techniques in the mountain streams of Japan. These fisherman were in the field for days, weeks, and sometimes months at a time and had to yield their bounty with very limited resources. So they constructed long bamboo rods, braided silk for their line and tied Kebari style flies with only thread and hackle. This prompted a reliance on presentation over imitation and cultured techniques that have proven to be some of the most productive that the world has ever seen.

tenkara fly fishing guidesToday the telescopic graphite rods and the super lightweight line translates into a compact, streamlined form of fly fishing that is not only effective but it also liberates you from the cumbersome gear requirements of traditional western equipment.
Colorado Fly Fishing Guides now offers not only the TenkaraUSA product line, but we also offer Tenkara rod demos and 2 hour Tenkara lessons. Our guides can also integrate or make your half or full day trip a complete Tenkara experience at your request.

Come get a taste of Tenkara at Colorado Fly Fishing Guides!

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